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I thank Allah for blessing me with a easy and successful Hujja. Although my Hajj was not difficult for me Allah left my eyes and heart opened to see the difficulties in others, and I came to realize that Hajj is not to be played with no matter how well you prepare yourself, Hajj will push you to the extreme and your faith in Allah will bring you back.” Zahida Khan, NJ

Zahida Khan

New Jerssy

“The most important thing to keep in mind when going for Hajj is to lower your expectations before you depart the U.S. This is why Hajj is often easier the second time around, because you know what to expect. Many factors are outside of any group’s control, and no matter what group you go with, Hajj will always test your patience. The best thing about going with Haj Wish are the Shaykhs that accompany you. They ensure that you perform the Hajj properly, instead of what is most convenient to them. They are knowledgeable, accessible, friendly, and available to answer any questions you have. This is an amazing journey, and Haj Wish accommodations (in the VIP package) are the closest possible to all the Holy sites of worship, allowing you to focus on what’s important. May Allah swt bless you with a prosperous Hajj. Ameen!” Anwar Ali, Boston

Anwar Ali


Haj Wish arranged my HAJJ; this is a different experience for everyone; ALLAH, swt allowed me to be able to experience the following: i was able to see the Abraham footprints casted in iron; i was able to touch and feel the KABAH and touch the Black Stone; if ALLAH, swt invites me again to His house i can honestly say that Haj Wish, will made it possible for me to fore fill this pillar of my faith again, the journey of my LIFE Time! Thank you Haj wish! Hamad Malik, New York.

Hamad Malik

New York

The trip was one to remember for life, Everything was provided for with the organizers of unusual generosity. The accommodation was very good and food of equal standard. The organizers set an excellent balance for education, entertainment and ziyarah. It was surprising in that the people we came to meet Seeing these people was enough of a reason to travel to Hijaz. A trip to cherish. Frhad Nasar, Rochester

Farhad Nasar


Br Danish, Br Waheed and there team was very nice to me. They personally talked to me on the phone and answered all the questions. I and my wife were very impressed when they helped us and the rest of the Group, out of way. We faced less troubles when we were expecting a lot. The whole journey from Houston / Dubai / Jeddah, was excellent. Hikmat Suleman, Houstn

Hikmat Suleman